分类:英语 2020-03-07

Dear Wei Huanjing,

I am very excited to receive your e-mail. I am interested in your questions.

There are many rivers in our city. Ming Jiang River is one of the longest rivers. But the water in the river isn’t as clean as before. This is because people cut the trees down a lot. As we know, trees can keep the water much cleaner. On March 12th, We often plant some trees on the hills. More and more trees are growing. I think the water is becoming cleaner and cleaner.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.


Li Zhiyuan


在我们的城市有许多河流(www.177618.com)。明江安河是最长的河流之一。但河水没有以前那么干净清澈了。这是因为人们砍了很多树。我们知道,树木可以保持水质的干净。 3月12日植树节,我们经常在山上种植一些树木。越来越多的树木生长起来。我觉得水变得更干净,更清洁了。